AMM provides financial oversight of all aspects of your aircraft investment. From insurance claims to forecasting annual maintenance costs, we are here working for your dollar.

AMM will represent you in all warranty and contract negotiations, including claims. AMM will conduct all negotiations and correspondence with the highest levels of professionalism, and never jeopardize the reputation of your company. In addition to representation, AMM clients also receive member discounts on warranty programs.

When scheduling maintenance, we will obtain multiple written quotes for your approval if you so wish. Maintenance invoices are reviewed line item by line item to ensure you are billed fairly and accurately. If a discrepancy is identified, we will diligently address the discrepancy on your behalf to reach a fair resolution. A significant savings has been realized by AMM clientele through the review of all maintenance invoices and personal representation throughout the maintenance event. This high degree of visibility ensures that our customers will have the best possible warranty consideration when applicable.

AMM will prepare easy-to-read financial reports to communicate past and future expense analysis. “Budget Mx” reports analyze cost and operation based on the activity, use and maintenance events, of your aircraft during the previous quarter. Maintenance projection reports consider the anticipated costs of upcoming maintenance, the life of the aircraft, as well as additional factors. These reports are often very useful for the pre-purchase evaluation of an aircraft or for comparison purposes.

  • Warranty representation & negotiation of claims
  • Contract representation & negotiation
  • Invoice review & reconciliation
  • “Budget Mx” – quarterly cost and operational analysis reports
  • Projection reports
  • Pre-purchase evaluation services
  • Warranty program discounts
  • Fuel discounts