Aviation Maintenance Managers (AMM) offers record digitization for your aircraft records. We have a team of meticulous individuals who specialize in transforming years of physical aircraft records into easily-accessible digital records.

We perform this service in-house but are happy to come to your location with our equipment if you would prefer.


The Benefits of Record Digitization: Protection & Convenience

  • Protect the physical records
  • Safeguard the value of your aircraft
  • Easy access via cloud storage or USB
  • Convenient portability


Experts agree that up to 30% of an aircraft’s value depends upon the condition and comprehensiveness of its records. Protect the value of your asset by digitizing your aircraft records.

Aircraft records are clearly an important part of your aircraft. Unfortunately, paper records are vulnerable to countless hazards. Paper and ink degrade over time. Physcial records are vulnerable to the elements, such as water or fire, if stored improperly. Even more common, physical records are vulnerable to human hazards such as spilling coffee or being misplaced.

Digitizing your aircraft’s valuable records minimizes human contact and the need to transport the physical records, thereby reducing the possibility of damage or loss.


All records are scanned at 300 dpi (the legal standard for document scanning) and are processed with OCR software to produce a searchable PDF. Digital records scanned at these standards save time and make tasks like logbook or aircraft manual research a breeze!

Pricing is determined by the age of the aircraft, as well as the scale of each project. If you are interested in our array of records services, please fill out the contact form on our website or call us at 561-368-8455 for more information.